One Week Away!

On Tuesday, August 16 we are going to start the journey that will be NYC mini-TMC. The conference specifics are becoming clearer as anticipation builds. Let me take a second and try to wrap up all of the information so you can know a little about the schedule on behalf of the planing team: David Wees, Michael Pershan, Leah Segal, and myself (Carl Oliver).

First off the conference is packed with registrants. Our registration form has been shut down for a few weeks now, and are accepting new people on a waitlist status. Those people who cannot come to the conference have let Leah know, and as vacancies arise, we will work to make sure spots are filled.

The schedule for the conference has been posted, but before I get in to the details, you should know a little about what we were trying to do. Some conferences and PDs approach these kinds of events with a package of ideas that participants are supposed to passive receive. We hoped this event would would put the ideas of educators at the forefront instead of those of the planners. While the event will focus on instructional activities, each presenter is developing their own unique view about the topic. Many sessions break the focus and address ideas from across the education gamut.

The current schedule is available in draft form here: TMCNYC16 Schedule DRAFT

Reading through the schedule you’ll probably notice a lot of amazing sessions! If you notice any mistakes in your description let me (Carl) know and I’ll make the changes.

Another thing you might notice about the schedule is that there are some blank spots. These are spaces where what’s discussed will be determined during the conference. We will built in some “flex sessions”, and these should add moments of genuine exchange and cooperation among participants about the most pressing issues. The primary content of these sessions should come from questions developed by the participants as they go through the conference.

We also plan to have some social events. These aren’t on the schedule because we don’t know what they are yet (send your ideas to Carl!), but what we do know is that they will be open to the larger outside world.

Lastly, we have a hashtag!  Please follow #tmcnyc16 as more updates come over the next few weeks.

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